1st Paperless Exam

Despite incredible advancements in technology in recent years, most universities still use massive amounts of paper, but KMU-IHS Islamabad  achieved another milestone as per vision of honorable Vice Chancellor Prof.Dr Zia ul Haq. KMU-IHS Islamabad successfully with the help of Director Sheikh Atif Mehmood ,Dean Allied health sciences Prof.Dr. Haider Darain, Dr.Afreenish Malik ,Mr.Zia Ullah and Ms.Maryam conducted 1st paperless mid term exam. We got positive feedback from the students and faculty. We will be strengthening this system for all upcoming exams in all disciplines.

It was a small initative with a big vision behind it and it  will put a massive impact on our educational system and the environment.

Benefits Of Going Paperless

  1. The more you cut down using paper , the less your trees will be scratched, and the less your trees are cut, the more are the chances for less global warming.
  2. It will put an end to the students' most common complaints of favouritism by teachers.

Paperless & Green Environment

The idea of going paperless is simple but needs consistency. All you need to do is, instead of paper, start using digital forms and documents.

No matter how small an effort is, it counts and put some contribution, ending in big results.  You can start with your self first by minimizing the use of paper at home, instead of making a grocery list on paper, use your cellphone’s notepad.

But remember, whatever changes you are making should positively impact and promote sustainability, so the entire community follows your move.