KMU-IHS Islamabad Kicks Off Professional Development Workshops for Faculty

KMU Institute of Health Sciences (KMU-IHS) Islamabad launched its series of professional development workshops to enhance the quality of education at the institution. The inaugural workshop, held today, focused on "Crafting Effective Lesson Plans." It was conducted by the Department of Medical Education and facilitated by Dr. Afreenish Malik. The workshop was mandatory for all faculty members at KMU-IHS Islamabad.

The workshop aimed to equip faculty with strategies for creating impactful lesson plans, promoting active learning, and improving student engagement. Faculty members actively participated, showing great enthusiasm throughout the session. They also provided positive feedback, acknowledging the workshop's value and expressing their eagerness to apply the new techniques to their teaching practices.

Director of KMU-IHS Islamabad, Mr.Sheikh Atif Mehmood, articulated his vision for these workshops, emphasizing the importance of staying updated with the latest advancements in teaching and learning. He praised the initiative and reaffirmed his commitment to supporting ongoing professional development for all faculty members.

"The success of our institution depends on the quality of education we offer," said Mr.Sheikh Atif Mehmood. "By investing in our faculty's continuous learning and growth, we can ensure our students receive the best education possible. I look forward to seeing the positive impact of these workshops on our teaching and, ultimately, on our students' success."

KMU-IHS Islamabad plans to hold more workshops in the coming months, each addressing different aspects of teaching and learning. The institution remains dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation in education.