Pakistan Nursing Council Delegation's Productive Visit to KMU-IHS Islamabad

On January 2, 2024, the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) delegation conducted a visit to KMU-IHS Islamabad, where they received a warm welcome from Dr. Najma, Dr. Sabhia, Dr. Dilar, the Director of IHS-Islamabad, Sheikh Atif Mehmood, and Dean of Allied Health Sciences, Professor Dr. Haider Darain. Upon arrival, the esteemed delegates were given a comprehensive tour of the institute's facilities and laboratories. Subsequently, a concise yet informative meeting took place, during which Dr. Dilar and Professor Dr. Haider Darain highlighted the institute's accomplishments and future plans. The PNC members engaged in discussions regarding strategies and mechanisms aimed at enhancing the institute's performance and quality standards. The visit culminated with a brunch, providing a congenial conclusion to the productive exchange of insights and ideas.